Just Planet is committed to sourcing only the finest organic coffee beans from accredited Fairtrade farms prioritising sustainable development.

These farms, often the size of a football pitch, are family-run enterprises that employ locals residing nearby. One notable aspect of these small farms is their conscientious avoidance of pesticides and large-scale farming practices commonly found in our food systems. 

As a result, they naturally contribute to a healthier environment. Just Planet takes its sustainability efforts further by implementing various eco-friendly practices within all operations. For instance, all coffee grounds are composted on-site for the cafe's garden; we use compostable bags, reusable buckets for wholesale coffee and much more.

Our services

The full suite of Just Planet services goes beyond making a great cup of coffee! We offer the community and potential entrepreneurs a number of extensions of our expertise. Get in touch or come down today and join the revolution to make this a Just Planet, one coffee at a time.

Wholesale coffee

Dreaming of brewing up a storm in your new cafe? We've been there! Just Planet is your one-stop shop to transform your coffee vision into reality. We source the finest ethically traded beans and roast them fresh for every order, so you can be sure your customers get a consistently delicious cup. Plus, Norman and his team of coffee connoisseurs will be your guiding light, offering barista training, equipment recommendations, and even cafe consultation. Let's create a thriving coffee experience together, one that's kind to the planet and your taste buds!

freshly roasted coffee beans being transferred into a bucket

Cafe fit-out

If you want to open a cafe or include a sale of coffee as a service in your existing retail store, we can help! Norman has helped create many small businesses, coffee nooks and other interesting ways to get cups of goodness into the world. We can help you plan and execute the set-up and keep you stocked with sustainable coffee through our wholesale service.

Barista training

Whether for your business or just general interest, Norman has tailored a course to ensure you become a skilled barista capable of various coffee-making abilities. Over 300 people have completed our course, including a keen barista who was just 12 years old!

an instructor teaching a new barista how to froth milk

Cafe consultation

Norman is your spiritual-coffee guide if you want to run a cafe but don't know where to start! He's helped many small businesses get off the ground and offers his valuable expertise to ensure yours does as well. All bases are covered, so you have the peace of mind of knowing you are doing things the right way!

Coffee subscription

Never run out of coffee again, thanks to our helpful subscription service, which keeps you stocked with the most equitable and sustainable coffee around. An endless supply of ethically sourced coffee is here!

Cafe equipment

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in the coffee industry, allowing us to guide you through the process of choosing the most suitable equipment for your specific needs.

About Just Planet

Just Planet is a cherished family-owned coffee roastery started by Norman and Lee Palumbo in 2008. Since then, we have worked tirelessly to give our community access to the finest selection of organic, Fairtrade coffee beans from around the globe. We believe our commitment to quality and sustainability truly sets Just Planet apart, as does our firm belief in supporting not just one farm but entire communities.

Our coffee selection features a range of options to cater to diverse preferences. Choose from nine single-origin coffees, each with its own distinct characteristics and two meticulously crafted blends. For those seeking decaffeinated options, the decaf coffee is Swiss water processed and organic, ensuring a delightful taste without compromising quality.

Our coffee

For the past 15 years, Just Planet has proudly aligned itself with the core values of the Fairtrade movement. Our exquisite fair trade organic coffee beans can be found online or at the roastery in Sunbury, a staple of the community that has helped to support sporting clubs, art galleries, rotary events, community kitchens and much more.

Our team has honed the process to ensure all coffee beans reach their peak flavour. Contrary to common perception, the Just Planet process recommends beans are best served three weeks after roasting, once the degassing process has occurred.

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Our Coffee Recycling Program

All coffee grounds are carefully gathered and composted right here on our premises. Community members and clients are encouraged to participate in transforming what would be waste into nutrient-rich compost used in the cafe's garden!