We understand the growing popularity of coffee carts and their ability to provide convenient and high-quality coffee experiences on the go.

Have you ever been in a situation where you really needed a coffee and just wished there was a coffee cart in front of you? Well, you can fulfil that hope for some people by setting up your own cart! Just Planet offers a comprehensive coffee cart set-up service to help you bring your mobile coffee business to life.

With our expertise and support, we can assist you in setting up a functional and visually appealing coffee cart that captures customers' attention and delivers exceptional organic Fairtrade coffee wherever you go.

A coffee cart for events, markets, or any other location!

Our coffee cart set-up service includes assistance with space planning, equipment selection, and sourcing any necessary supplies. A well-designed and efficient space is crucial for a successful coffee cart operation. Our team will help you optimise the layout of your cart, ensuring that it is practical, ergonomic, and visually appealing.

Equipment selection

When it comes to equipment selection, we can recommend and source suitable coffee machines and other essential tools. Our existing relationships with reputable, like-minded suppliers from around Australia ensure that you have reliable and high-quality equipment that meets the demands of a mobile coffee business.

Sourcing other supplies

Additionally, we cover the sourcing of any other supplies you may require, such as sustainable and recyclable cups, lids, syrups, and other coffee-related accessories. You need a well-stocked cart that can cater to a variety of customer preferences!

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For the past 15 years, Just Planet has proudly aligned itself with the core values of the Fairtrade movement. Our exquisite fair trade organic coffee beans can be found online or at the roastery in Sunbury.

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